Jasun Martz

Jasun Martz

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Jasun Martz is an American record producer, composer, musician, fine artist, creative director and sculptor who has worked on several #1 internationally best selling hit records but is probably best known for his contemporary classical symphonies. He has recorded with Michael Jackson, toured with Frank Zappa and helped arrange one of rock music's best selling hits: "We Built this City" by Starship.

Also a renowned New York based painter and sculptor, Martz has lived in New York, Los Angeles and London and has created and exhibited "raw expressionist" paintings and papier-mâché sculpture inspired by the subway passengers he encounters in each city. He collaborated with French modern master Jean Dubuffet (the founder of art brut) on Martz's critically acclaimed avant-garde/ contemporary classical symphony entitled The Pillory.

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Jasun Martz cançó

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Jasun Martz cançó

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