Furor Gallico

Furor GallicoFuror Gallico is a Celtic metal and Folk metal band that had originated in Milan, Italy. The band was formed by a collaboration among Melissa, Stefano and Becky in 2007. The band was formed upon the idea of playing new school Italian folk metal. They have released only one demo album and one full length album so far. Pagan was later added for vocals and Marco played the drums. Furor Gallico have songs in both English and in Italian, the band members take alternating roles in who writes the lyrics and composes the music in either language. The song Curmisagios was even written in dialetto brianzolo, an Italian dialect spoken in western Lombardy, more specifically in the area of Brianza. 

Furor Gallico cançó

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Furor Gallico cançó

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