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Andalusī nūbah (نوبة أندلسيّة), also transliterated nūba, nūbā, or nouba (pl. nūbāt), or in its classical Arabic form, nawba, nawbah, or nōbah, is a musical genre found in the North African Maghrib states of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya but, as the name indicates, it has its origins in Arabo-Andalusian music. The name replaced the older use of sawt and originates from the musician waiting behind a curtain to be told it was his turn or nawbah by the sattar or curtain man (Touma 1996, p. 68).

The North African cities have inherited a particularly Andalusian musical style of Granada (Menocal, Scheindlin, and Sells 2000, pp. 72–73). The term gharnati (Granadan) in Morocco designates a distinct musical style named "Tarab Al Ala" originating in Cordoba and Valencia, according to the authors Rachid Aous and Mohammed Habib Samrakandi in the latter's book Musiques d'Algérie (Samrakandi 2002, pp. 15, 24).


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